KEYTLaw’s Covid-19 Protection Plan

In light of the coronavirus we have adopted procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.  These procedures include stopping all in office meetings.  Instead of meeting in our office we will only meet on the phone including a conference call if two or more people will be in the phone meeting.  All estate plan signings will take place in our clients’ homes without anybody present except the client and one witness selected by the client.  Read the details of our Covid-19 Protection Plan.

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About this Website

Nonprofit corporation and charitable organization attorneys Richard Keyt, JD. LL.M (tax law) and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt, JD, MS (accounting) created this site because they want to educate people about nonprofit corporations and they want to form your Arizona nonprofit corporation.  If your corporation intends to become a a tax-exempt charitable organization we also want to prepare its application for tax exemption, the IRS Form 1023.

We’ve formed 7,490+ Arizona nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies because people love our formation services.  See our 214 five star Google & Facebook reviews.

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Hire Us to Form Your Nonprofit Corporation

  • $1,097 total legal fees and costs includes ACC filing fee, bylaws, board of directors' resolutions and the 7 policies & procedures the IRS wants charities to have
  • IRS approved Articles of Incorporation: Our Articles of Incorporation contain the tax-exempt charity language required by the IRS. Don't use the Arizona Corporation Commission's form Articles of Incorporation because the IRS will reject the corp's tax-exempt application because the Articles lack the IRS required language.
  • Free answers to your nonprofit corporation questions by a charity lawyer. Call Rick (father) at 480-664-7478 or Ricky (son) at 480-664-7472.
  • Assurance your nonprofit will be formed correctly because we are experienced nonprofit corporation & charitable organization attorneys.
  • We do it all: Prepare & file the Articles of Incorporation & Certificate of Disclosure, get the corporation's employer ID number from the IRS, be the corporation's statutory agent, give you our book called the Nonprofit Operations Manual & give you a corporate minute book with all your documents organized behind tabs.
  • Speedy formation: We form new corporations Wednesday's & Fridays. You can open the corporation's bank account, sign contracts & start operating within a few days of hiring us.
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