Since October 1, 2009, when the Arizona Corporation Commission stopped mailing reminders to Arizona corporations that the corporation’s annual report was due to be filed ten percent of the corporations formed in Arizona have been administratively dissolved because the corporation did not file its annual report.  Dissolution means the corporation ceases to exist, which is almost always a bad thing.  Fortunately the problem and the dissolution can be corrected if the corporation files all past due annual reports within six years of the date of the dissolution.”

Our corporate friendly Arizona Corporation Commission adopted a new feature that will help to reduce the number of corporations that are dissolved each year due to failure to file the annual report.  Beginning September 5, 2013, anybody can do a look up for the corporation commission on the ACC’s website and enter an email address to which the ACC will send four email reminders (90, 60, 30 & 15 days) of the upcoming due date of the corporation’s annual report.  Multiple email addresses can be entered for a corporation.  Tell your computer to accept email from