Before September 13, 2013, Arizona law required that all Arizona charities register with the Arizona Secretary of State before soliciting charitable donations in the State of Arizona.  The Arizona legislature passed and Arizona Governor Jane Hull signed House Bill 2457, which repealed Arizona’s charitable organization solicitation registration laws and eliminated the requirement that Arizona charities must file annual charitable organization renewal forms with the Arizona Secretary of State.

HB 2457 repealed the following Arizona statutes:

  • ARS Section 44-6552 Charitable organizations; registration; violation; classification
  • ARS Section 44-6553 Exemptions
  • ARS Section 44-6554 Contracted fund raisers; registration, reregistration, contract and disclosure requirements
  • ARS Section 44-6555 Solicitation disclosure requirements; written confirmation
  • ARS Section 44-6556 Public records
  • ARS Section 44-6557 Fiscal records; inspection; retention
  • ARS Section 44-6558 Exchange of information with other states
  • ARS Section 44-6559 Rules
  • ARS Section 44-6560